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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter chick cosies for chocolate creme eggs 2017

Two of my knitting pals decided to organise an Easter Bazaar on 1st April 2017 to raise funds for Alzheimer's Research UK while BRoW4 (Bike Run or Walk 4), a group I support which raises money for charities that do not receive government or lottery funding, would be running fundraising stalls in the run up to and over the Easter weekend.

My hand knitted contributions were one dozen (12)  chick cosies for chocolate creme eggs for each project. The hand knitted nest was not part of the deal.

Two dozen had knitted cosies for chocolate creme eggs.

The pattern was © Chloe Blunn Designs 2012, a free download from ravelry.

The knitted shape.

Embroider the eyes.

Add the beak.

For the beak I deviated from the pattern by adding a knitted beak instead of a felt beak.

Make two pieces.
Leaving a 10cm (4 inches) tail, using a contrast coloured yarn cast on three stitches.
Cast off these three stitches. There are no rows worked in between the cast on and the cast off.
Cut yarn leaving a 10cm (4 inches) tail.
I found the beak worked best with the cast off edge uppermost for both pieces of the beak.

Gather the stitches at the top of the head.

Join the seam, leaving the cast on edges open.

Ready for the creme egg.

Egg inserted into the cosy.

Two dozen (24) cosies.

One dozen cosies for the Easter Bazaar to raise funds for Alzheimer's Research UK.

One dozen cosies for BRoW4 (Bike Run or Walk 4)

Left cosy without an egg, right cosy with an egg.

This cosy with creme egg especially for my husband. 

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