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Monday, 10 November 2014

It's all change for Paulineknit

You will gather from my profile that I ventured into retail for a while, selling yarns, patterns, needles, haberdashery and also a stock of preowned knitting books, pattern books, magazines and patterns. Some people collect these, some people like wearing retro/vintage fashions made from the patterns, and some people want to complete their collection of magazines.

There was success when I had a website but this became overrun with people hacking and sending messages using my email addresses. I knew this by the hundreds of "undeliverable" messages that came in every day. Contacting the internet service provider didn't help - they gave no explanation - so I cancelled the contract. I didn't know what these people were sending out supposedly from me.

I then uploaded a free website. The problem is, to remain a free website there is a limit on the number of pages. I overcame this by uploading the stock lists as pdf files but, of course, the keywords in the product descriptions are not picked up by search engines. I considered upgrading to a paid site but seeing as I am selling remaining stock and not replacing any or buying in anything new, the costs of the website would far outweigh the income from the sales. In addition, with all the committees I was serving, the unpaid work I was doing and the like, updating my website (among many other things) fell behind and paying for a service I wasn't maintaining was ludicrous. It wasn't surprising that nobody was buying anything.

Becoming hooked on Facebook I opened a Paulineknit Facebook Page, now called Paulineknit - a life of hand knitting.  This was intended to publish updates on my knitting, knitting blog posts, shared interesting knitting posts and knitting information. A kind of all things knitting to all knitters. Again my involvement with the community took up my time and this wasn't kept up to date. Neither was my blog.

Before you ask, I tried selling books on Amazon, magazines on Ravelry groups/forums and both elsewhere but with limited success. I have also taken stock to local craft fairs, again with limited success. So I had the idea of publicising some of my stock on my Facebook Page and in Facebook groups but must be reaching the wrong audiences.

So I have opened another Facebook Page, called Paulineknit Two, specifically for showing what I have available to sell. Those items recently posted on the original Paulineknit Page have already been copied over. My website is in a state of flux but has started to be revamped and will be finished before long. This is my next major task.

The Paulineknit ~ a life of hand knitting Facebook Page will continue as originally intended plus blog posts about hand knitting techniques, free patterns designed by me and more.

Life these days is more leisurely. I have much more time than before now that I have seen sense and stood down from committees and commitments. I am aiming to have caught up with myself by 31st December.

I will close by inviting you to look at and "Like" my Paulineknit ~ a life of hand knitting and Paulineknit Two Facebook Pages, and also invite you to have a look at my Paulineknit website. Knitters and footballers alike might like the Dyed in the Wool page. If you like what you see, please tell your friends. Thank you.

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