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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

From the archive - Guy Fawkes

This Guy Fawkes figure was made for a WI competition sometime about 25 years ago and, looking at it now, am not surprised that it didn't get a look in with the prizes.

He stands 17cm/7 inches tall and was hand knitted using double knitting yarn. Stuffed figures and animals have never been my best work, nor do I like making them, so what possessed me to make this I cannot remember. After all those years I can objectively criticise this now. Wrong choice of yarn for hair and beard for a start. Too fat legs and too small feet. And other faults. But I keep him, not only because he is all my work but also knowing that he was an embryonic design project using a technique I would have usually avoided. Also an example of what not to do. Learning by mistakes is just as important as getting it right first time.

More information about Guy Fawkes here.

More information about the Gunpowder Plot here.

More information about Guy Fawkes Night here.

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