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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hand knitted grey striped socks

Following the apparent success of the recent black socks for Dave, the 100g skein of wool sock yarn I had hand dyed at a Boo's Attic dyeing workshop last year finally reached its purpose. The pattern used was again Hayfield 00851.

What cannot be seen in the photograph are the spots of green arising from when another person's dye leaked on to my yarn when the dye was being 'set' in the multi-tiered steamer. Now the yarn is knitted up, the green spots add interest to the otherwise boring colours.

Both the black socks and these striped ones have the tendency to stretch when being worn, something not noted with the first pair of socks I made to this pattern, then using acrylic 4ply yarn. Methinks I will use another pattern for Dave's next pair, one using thinner needles.

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