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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I've got my knitting mojo back!

After months of not being interested whatsoever in actually knitting but going through the motions at knitting groups and for commissions, I have suddenly and unexpectedly starting knitting in earnest again.

The week since Wednesday 20th August has been especially productive. I had made a scarf for Shoeboxes using donated yarn without a ball band. 8 stitches on 8mm needles, as I had used before for a similar yarn. The result was far from pleasing to the eye. On Wednesday afternoon the yarn was found to be Yarnfair Designer Scarf Yarn, to be worked over 8 stitches on 4.5mm needles. The original scarf was unpicked and remade and looks so much better.

A pair of hand knit short socks for Dave were completed.

A 100g skein of wool sock yarn that I had hand dyed at a Boo's Attic dyeing workshop last year was wound into a ball ready for the next pair of Dave's socks.

A pouch for Dave's new gadget. Wool and acrylic mix Aran yarn from my stash used double on 6mm needles. Tough going but the requested thick fabric was produced. Velcro closing. Seam on the outside to give a smooth finish inside.

More rows on the black, grey and white shaggy bag I started last year or the year before. Double knitting yarn over 85 stitches on 3mm needles. Link to pattern to follow.

Another scarf made using Yarnfair Designer Scarf Yarn by request. The photographs shows both scarves to prove it's not a photograph of the same one.

A 56cm/22 inch round neck jumper completed. King Cole Big Value acrylic DK yarn on 4mm needles. This was started as a V-neck jumper and the back completed a year or so ago for the Medway Craft Group's Lusaka project ~ supporting the Teenage Mums Sewing Project in Lusaka ~ but was the wrong colour. School dresses were green and white but the knits were navy blue.

At the time I made a replacement V-neck navy blue jumper which was sent over with other hand knitted goods and patchwork quilts made by members of the group, patterns and instructions for the Mums to replicate the goods, plus sewing machines and knitting equipment. Link to pattern to follow.

The first of Dave's socks started.

In the meantime I continue to knit scarves for Shoeboxes at knitting groups and when travelling. Not much can go wrong when nattering and not paying attention to the fingers when working garter stitch without any shaping!!

Shoebox scarf finished on Tuesday 26th August. Patons Mona Lisa, 30 stitches on 4.5mm needles, 17cm wide and 100cm long. No tension stated on the ball band.

And another similar one started.

I have a long overdue commission to finish - all done except for the last piece. Fingers crossed I will have the wherewithal to work on this within the next few days.

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