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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hand knitted socks for Dave

For some time my husband has found that wearing shop bought socks leave painful red rings around his lower legs/ankles, sometimes even causing weals or broken skin. I once made a pair of men's short socks for teaching purposes after which I gave to Dave. He found these comfortable but being flecked cream in colour, although suitable for explaining the construction of socks, were not something he would wear for being seen in public. He has a second pair in the same acrylic 4ply yarn. 

Many years ago I bought some black Sirdar Town & Country machine washable wool-rich 4ply sock yarn with the great intention of making Dave a pair of socks then but with satisfying clients, making samples for teaching, and knitting for good causes and the like these never got made.

Needs must and I have now used the yarn to make a pair of socks similar to the cream ones, using Hayfield pattern 00851. I found the yarn thinner than I would consider a 4ply although the ball band tension was that for 4ply on 3.25mm needles, the same as that given in the pattern.

He says he finds the socks comfortable and has asked for another pair!

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