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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Tour de France bunting

The Sheep Shop in Cambridge is co-ordinating bunting made from small knitted and crocheted jerseys in the Tour colours (white, yellow and green) along the route when the Tour de France comes through Cambridge on Monday 7th July. 

My minor contribution towards the target of 2000 jerseys. 

In spite of the pinkish tinge, the jersey on the left is definitely white in real life. 

More information from The Sheep Shop, or the CamBuntingTdF Blog, or CamBuntingTdF on Facebook.

Edit 26th June 2014
Cambridgeshire County Council has approved the jerseys for use between their lampposts in Cambridge. Other councils have declined on basis that if it rains and they get wet the weight may cause the lamppost to fall over. 

Edit 13th July 2014
The Cambridge Tour de France bunting is being taken down. If you would like to have some visit

More information about the bunting from BBC News Cambridgeshire.

Edit 31st July 2014
Over £3000 has been raised from selling Tour de France banners and bunting. This has been donated to You Can Bike Too, a charity that encourages "nervous, new and disabled riders" to try cycling. 

Edit September 2014
Harrogate and the Tour de France.

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