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Friday, 20 June 2014

Knitted poppies

Earlier in the year Huntingdon Library asked members of KnitLit Huntingdon if they would knit poppies for its First World War Centenary displays and the D-Day commemoration displays. So we did. Here are my efforts (21 poppies).

I used a variety of double knitting yarns or a number of thinner yarns together that worked to a double knitting thickness on 4mm needles. Hence the poppies are not all the same texture or colour. The poppy centres were worked in a variety of green double knitting yarns with black embroidery.

There were ten ribbed poppies. Pattern here.

 Ten garter stitch poppies. Pattern here.

And one field poppy. Pattern here. 

I found the garter stitch poppy the easiest to knit and seam, while the field poppy was easy to knit but the hardest for me to assemble. There are still nine sets of petals and centres to be put together.

I have made a smaller version of the garter stitch poppy using 4ply yarn and 2mm needles. After making and adding a leaf or two it can be worn as a brooch. Picture to follow when completed.

Talking of poppies, on 14th June I found this self-seeded poppy in bloom against the public side of a neighbour's garden wall.

A beautiful addition to the street until somebody picked it.

EDIT: 23rd June 2014
No more knitted or crocheted poppies are required by Huntingdon Library. Those already given to the Library will be used for future displays.

Knitted and crocheted poppies are required by St Hugh's Church, Buckden, c/o Buckden Towers.

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  1. hello, I don't seem to be able to find the field poppy pattern. How might I find that? thank you


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