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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

"Brimming With Style" by Louisa Harding

Recently I received an email asking about the "Brimming With Style" hat pattern in the book Knits for Hats, Gloves & Scarves by Louisa Harding published by The Craft Library. This is the 2011 edition of the book which was originally published as Hats, Gloves, Scarves: Easy Designer Knits for Family and Friends by Hamlyn in January 2005. I was approached as the pattern checker.

One of the first things I did was to look up online reviews to see what problems other knitters had experienced. The next best thing to do was to knit the hat to see properly what reviewers had found to be the problems. I used King Cole Magnum Chunky on 6mm needles. 50% Recoil acrylic, 25% acrylic, 25% wool. 100g ball = 110 yards/121 metres (according to the ball band) and I had a little left over. The recommended yarn was one 100g ball of Rowan Chunky Print worked on 6mm needles.

My main comment in reply to reviewers is that the brim is not folded upwards. The line in the picture on page 77 of the 2005 edition and on page 77 of the 2011 edition that looks like the turned up edge of a brim is in fact the line where there wrapped and turned stitches are. Nowhere in the pattern does it say to fold up the brim.

Hat brim Right Side:

Hat brim Wrong Side:

The stitches for the crown are picked up along the Wrong Side to produce a one-stitch ridge on the Right Side.

The crown is worked in stocking stitch and has a slight dome. This can be seen in the picture on page 77 of the 2005 edition and on page 77 of the 2011 edition. The crown is not "long and pointy", as one reviewer described hers, nor is it flat, as the same reviewer blocked hers.

It is conceded that the instructions for the wrap and turn could be written better. For example:
Wrap next stitch = slip next stitch, take yarn between the needles to opposite side of work, slip same stitch back to left needle, turn. The yarn is now on the correct side of the work for starting the row. When working back, at the wrapped stitch work the wrap and the stitch it wraps together as one stitch.

Also, where the pattern for the crown says:
"Next row (RS) (dec): K1, [K5, K2tog] 10 times, K1. 62 sts.
Next row K1, P to last st, K1.
Next row: K1, [K4, K2tog] 10 times, K1. 52 sts.
Cont to dec as above on every alt row until 12 sts rem."

this means work the next decrease row as "K1, [K3, K2tog] 10 times, K1" and so on, working one fewer stitch before the K2tog on every Right Side (knit) row until 12 stitches remain. It does not mean to work "K1, [K4, K2tog] 10 times, K1" on every Right Side row until 12 stitches remain.

The completed hat.


The Ravelry link for the "Brimming With Style" hat is

There also seemed to be a problem on page 100 in the 2005 edition for the "Classic Elegance" right hand "Laced Edge Glove".
Row 7 (inc): K1, (K2tog tbl, [yo, K1] 5 times, [yo, K2tog] 5 times, K1. 67 sts.

The pattern should read:
Row 7 (inc): K1, (K2tog tbl, [yo, K1] 5 times, yo, K2tog) 5 times, K1. 67 sts.

This has been corrected in the 2011 edition, page 100.

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  1. Thank you pauline for your much clearer inst.on brimming with style hat. As a long time knitter i found the brim turn up very confusing as the natural turn seemed to be at the fold thereby leaving very little for actaul hat.It is so much clearer with your pictures once again thank you mary


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