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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Matinée jackets for Maggie

Some months ago Maggie asked me to make some matinée jackets for her to give as a gift. Because of ongoing commitments they took longer to start and finish than I envisaged but they were completed in August and in time for the birth.

Both jackets, the cardigan and the bonnet were made using the Yarnfair 100% acrylic Tootsy Baby Double Knitting that was provided.

The lemon colour matching jacket and bonnet were made using King Cole pattern 2727. The matinée jacket was of a traditional style with a long full skirt. The picot edging was followed by eyelet diamond shapes and then by an eyelet pattern. 

The bodice was worked in broken rib. 

The sleeves and neck also had picot edging. The sleeves were worked in stocking stitch, each decorated with an eyelet diamond shape at the wrist.

The bonnet also had a picot edging followed by eyelet diamond shapes and then by an eyelet pattern. 

The second jacket was made in white using the pattern "Vintage Style" by Wendy on pages 39 to 42 in the booklet "Hand Knits for Baby" given with issue 109 of Simply Knitting magazine. The jacket had a shorter skirt worked straight in one piece to the armholes in a bell style lace pattern followed by a stocking stitch bodice. The edgings were in garter stitch except for the neck which had a picot edging.

The cute crossover cardigan in white using a pattern from a partwork published by Oldhams Leisure Group Ltd in 1987. The cardigan was worked in stocking stitch and was adapted so that the raglans were worked in one piece to avoid seams. 

There are no buttons on the garments because Maggie chose the buttons to sew on herself. 

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  1. All really lovely Pauline, but I think I like the first one best. Lucky little baby who get these


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