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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Set

Searching through my collection of patterns to find the one I wanted I came across the Emu 554 pattern for a Coronation Set in Emu Scotch 3ply fingering for ages 2-3 years. This was for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

The cover is in colour with a boy and a girl in pale blue tops edged with white and red - the boy a jacket and the girl a sweater - and co-ordinating shorts or skirt. In front of them is a replica of the golden coach pulled by eight horses. I remember having one of these as a child but not so large as the one shown on the pattern. I also remember two of my cousins having white Coronation dresses edged with red and blue but I wasn't so lucky, but we were all taken somewhere for a Coronation tea. And did my family watch the Coronation on television? Yes, in the house of one of my parents' friends.

There was one lucky child, or even lucky children, to have been made a Coronation Set. The pattern has been folded lengthways but the pages are intact. The pattern has split completely at the original fold dividing the pages, hence both pages being held together with a pin, with the back page being pinned on back to front. The pattern is somewhat dogearred and has some pencil writing on it but the writing doesn't obliterate the printed instructions. The original price was 6d (2½ new pence).

The needle sizes, measurements and yarn requirements are all Imperial. Number 11 (3mm) and 12 (2.75mm) needles are needed.

I am happy to sell this original pattern for £1 plus postage at cost. It needs to be posted as a large letter. Payment by cheque or Paypal.

Edit 25th August 2014
This pattern has been donated to the The Holley-Cornelius Toy Collection at Bletchley Park.

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