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Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Mother's Day Card

Mothering Sunday (now commonly called Mother's Day) approaching on Sunday 10th March 2013 reminded me of the Mother's day card I made for a Women's Institute (WI) competition about 20 years ago.

With both my mother and me being known as "teapots" because of the amount of tea we drank, this seemed a suitable subject for a card.

The teapot shape was cut from thick card, and the shape transferred to ratio graph paper. In those days, before having a PC able to print out ratio grids using a spreadsheet programme, plain paper was ruled out into one inch squares. Each square was then divided with pencil lines from side to side into the number of stitches per inch, and from top to bottom with the number of rows per inch. The teapot shape was laid on the prepared ratio paper and drawn around. From this the pattern was developed using coloured pencils for the (now long lost) design.

The back of the teapot is plain card whereas the front is covered with knitted fabric with a red heart and beige with gold coloured knitting-in thread lettering. The flowers were worked and sewn on separately. The stems and leaves were worked in the manner of an Indian fringe. The handle is a length of I-cord. The spout was worked flat and shaped by short rows either at the edges or in the middle of the rows to achieve the right shape, and the seam sewn.

The teapot had to have a cosy. This was made double-sided, one side in colourful (k2, p2) rib to resemble a cosy and the other side in stocking stitch with a (k1, p1) rib turn-up to look like a hat.

The knitted fabric on the hat side of the cosy was brushed after knitting to give a luxurious look and feel.

The rose on the hat side of the cosy is also knitted. Each petal is separate. The petals and the sepals  were worked in stocking stitch to take advantage of the natural curl of the knitted fabric. The stem is a length of I-cord. The rose is attached with a brooch pin so that it can be removed and worn on another garment.

The inside of the card had paper stuck to the card with printed text on the recto side.

The verso side had a knitted pair of earrings for pierced ears made using variegated crochet cotton and gold coloured knitting-in thread. The spiral was achieved by having one long edge longer than the other. A picot cast on and cast off gave a decorative finish. There was also another knitted brooch, this time a picot point flower made using the same thin polyester twine as the flowers on the front of the card and with gold coloured knitting-in thread.

Looking at the construction of the card now it appears very amateurish. I was (and still am) a knitter and not a card maker. Put glue or a paintbrush in my hand and it is sure to go wrong and/or end up a complete mess. But the card did win first prize.

My mother never wore the brooches or earrings though she did wear a similar pair of knitted earrings I made for her. I still have the card, which was photographed for the first time only a few months ago. (As mentioned in previous posts, the camera distorts the images.)


  1. A well deserved first prize Pauline, its funny how to take for granted the computers' use these days.

    Thanks for all your kind messages today, you dserve first prize for ploughing through all those posts!

  2. Thank you for your comment Sue. I hope to be showing off more past makes in the future.

  3. how beautiful Pauline...lots of love went into making that card and lots of time, a precious thing indeed!


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