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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Work in Progress, Wednesday 27th February 2013

Life is passing by too quickly without as much clicking of the needles and attention to my online knitting sites as I would like.

Fusion went extremely well with finger knitting still very popular but increased interest in needle knitting. 

The blue summer jumper was sorted and the back and the front are now both the same length! The first sleeve is in progress.

All the 20cm squares for the Knit & Stitch Collection partwork from issues 1 to 4 have been completed except for the white square meant to be crocheted in issue 2. Issues 5 to 7 arrived this morning so I will be working on the squares for these this week. Again I will not work the crochet squares but will save the yarn to knit the squares in stitch patterns I like in future issues. The yarns are lovely and there is a good variety of textures.

Resurrecting The Art of Knitting partwork I had forgotten that I didn't even start making the 15cm squares for the throw. My business workload had been so heavy at the time that I did not have time to knit things for myself. The yarn is the same for all the squares, a smooth double knitting with a silky sheen. It is soft and easy to work with. With many of the squares having a stocking stitch or garter stitch  base, making a note of how many rows were needed for the first of these squares and working the same number of rows for the remaining squares makes getting the same length for each square easy.

I have still been working on the 15-stitch blanket (a variation of the ten-stitch blanket), something easy to work on at craft groups and still small enough to carry easily. Sue from Granny's World gave away some yarn she had been given, some of which came to me. The bag of chunky yarn in blacks, greys and whites is now on its way to becoming a 10-stitch blanket which will be given to a good cause. There was also a bag of yarn oddments which will be used at Fusion, and a big bag of full balls of yarn which was taken to today's KnitLit and claimed by the ladies to knit for their good causes. Last night I resurrected the ten-stitch in chunky yarn I started many moons ago but put to one side when I ran out of yarn. Well, to be exact, when I couldn't find the chunky yarn in my many boxes, crates and bags of stash. Having the blanket close by is intended to inspire me to search out the yarn. Also resurrected was the ten-stitch started a long time ago using Sheena Anne Luxury Mohair look 100% acrylic in a variety of colours. This is the same yarn I used for my aunt's 90th birthday lap blanket.

The new KnitLit book was issued today and hasn't yet been started but I have been reading some of the remaining Miss Reads. My voluntary involvement with Oxmoor Community Action Group takes up much of my time.


  1. You really need to get all those Ten stitches finished Pauline (-: Thanks for the link up, glad that the yarn all got taken up

  2. You've been busy! Spending some time today on my newest blog, Oozing Out My Ears before switching gears to Bridge and Beyond. Trying out another new template and would love your opinion compared to the one you saw last when you visited. Been bouncing back and forth between several. The one I like best has auto links to facebook and twitter, but I can't figure out how to make them my links vs the designers, so have switched to the current one.


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