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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Work in Progress,. Wednesday 13th February 2013

Having fingers in too many pies is preventing as much knitting and communication as I would like. Apologies to all who are owed messages in whatever form.

Started and finished since the last Work in Progress post is the Boreray Beanie made from Pure Boreray Wool from Blacker Yarns. The yarn knits as Aran, and the hat is very warm to wear. The Boreray is a rare breed of sheep and this yarn is said to be the first produced commercially from the breed. 

And there were a few Easter chicks from the pattern by Chloe Blunn Designs. I adapted the pattern by knitting the beaks rather than using felt. The chicks are meant to hold a chocolate creme egg. 

This week is Fusion, the school holiday activities for young people. Frances and I are running knitting sessions again. Two new projects are a coin purse and a mug hug, both from similar patterns. Frances is adapting the pattern to make a wrist cuff. 

All the previous projects are still available for those who wish to make them. 

I finally finished the second side of the shaggy bag and joined the seams but am not happy with it. For some reason the square itself is distorted, even without the distortion my camera likes to add to my pictures. The ends to not fall as well when the rows are held diagonally as they do when the rows are held horizontally. When the first side of the bag was shown as an example of how to knit a square from corner to corner some of the young people didn't like the ends hanging. The shaggy effect was chosen to show how oddments can be used to make a colourful bag without having to sew in all the ends, but then the ends can be shorter and on the inside of the bag. The sample is a 30cm square shopping bag. Just need to add the handles but they can wait to be completed in time for the Easter sessions.  

Dave has treated me to a postal subscription of the new Knit & Stitch partwork after buying the first four issues from Tesco. I am making the 20cm squares for the patchwork throw and cushions, trying to keep up with them so as not to fall behind like I did with The Art of Knitting partwork.

The first issue came with two balls of Bergere de France Barisienne yarn, green for the first square of the throw and pink to crochet a teddy. I doubt if I will make the teddy so the yarn has been transferred to the knitting for good causes stash.

The second issue came with a ball of mauve and a ball of white Barisienne. The white is meant to be worked in double crochet but I am not fond of working crochet so will probably work a square of reverse stocking stitch instead, but not being too hasty - there might be a later pattern for a square that I would prefer instead. For both weeks' squares I had to go up a needle size to achieve the tension.

The third issue came with two balls of Bergere de France Eclair. For this I also had to go up a needle size to achieve the stitch tension. Usually when I have to do this the row tension also falls into place but this time the squares turned out too long so I will need to unravel the final four-row stripe. 

I am now working on the squares using the Bergere de France Teddy eyelash yarn from the fourth issue, one ball beige and one ball pink. This time I had to go up two needle sizes and cast on two extra stitches to get an approximate tension and the 20cm width. There is only enough yarn for each square so in effect the square is the tension swatch and repeated unravelling doesn't do the yarn much good.

The completed squares are numbered by the publication for the final assembly but I think I will probably make up my own combination. 

The blue summer jumper progresses. I have completed the shaping the front neck before starting the circular yoke. For some reason the front is shorter than the back to the armholes. Having held the back and the front to my body to judge the finished length, the front will need some rows adding rather than the back needing some rows unravelled. I guess the row tally at the end of the needle must have been accidentally turned somehow.

Summer jumper back to start of circular yoke

Summer jumper front to start of circular yoke
The 15-stitch blanket progresses at knitting and craft group meetings. The yarn is an unbranded 4ply on 3.75mm needles so progress is slow - many rows for not much length. The yarn is lovely to work with.

Other projects progress in the background. This includes running the new Knit & Natter group in the Moor Community Centre & Café, now fortnightly from 6th February. And yesterday I joined Pinterest.

The KnitLit book An Expert in Murder by Nicola Upson I am finding an enjoyable read. On Saturday 9th February some of the group knitted in the main part of Huntingdon Library to celebrate National Libraries Day.


  1. Your hat looks amazing did the pattern come with the yarn? You certainly have been busy.

    Following you on Pinterest. I don't use it that often, actually forget about it, never seems to be enough time to go on all these social websites, write a blog, read blogs, knit and go to work!!

    1. The pattern came as part of the kit. And I know what you mean about keeping up with social sites!

  2. Love the hat, I'm behind on my meme's from Sandy's Space, so very pleased you popped into Oozing out my Ears. Could I ask you to be a follower? I only have 2...trying to get the new blog up and going. LOVE the smiles on the group picture. How cool to knit in the library.


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