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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Work in Progress, Wednesday 30th January 2013

Since the last Work in Progress post on 2nd January, the polo neck has been finished. Sadly not in time for our few days away on the 24th and 25th.



Right sleeve

Left sleeve

The bodice was worked in the round on a circular needle.

The sleeves were worked flat. With judicious use of circular needles for the bodice and double pointed needles for the sleeves, the bodice and sleeves were worked together in one piece in the round to form the raglan yoke. Eventually it was possible to work all the stitches for the raglan yoke on a single circular needle, changing to double pointed needles as the number of stitches decreased. I usually block my work before assembly but didn't on this occasion. 

The yarn was given to me by my mother as a gift when she retired in 1986. After making part of a sweater, which I outgrew, the ball band has been lost. It is a marl of a white yarn and a variegated yarn, very soft and warm to the touch. I seem to recollect the yarn being Courtelle. 

There is enough yarn left over from the sweater to make a pair of socks or two. Then I can discard the elasticated shop bought socks that cut off my circulation. I already have a couple of pairs of socks I have hand knitted. The positive difference in warmth and comfort is well worth the effort. 

The 15-stitch blanket progresses ...

... as does the blue summer jumper.

I have also been working on stitch pattern samples for the next project, something that I am working on with someone else. Just need to finish writing the pattern.

And, as reported in the post on 22nd January, Marsha's dolman was completed.

Fusion will be running again during the half term so I am preparing for that. Probably something heart shaped for St Valentine's Day and something different after this day has passed. The young people love doing finger knitting so I am looking for ways to use it in addition to those we have already tried. 

Other work in progress is a new blog (, to keep personal life separate from knitting life, though sometimes the two will cross paths. 

Attending KnitLit Huntingdon, the Tuesday knitting group, Medway Craft Group, the Sunday knitting group, and now leading the new Knit & Natter group keeps me happily occupied. I have not been able to attend the Saturday KTog Cambridge group for some while, nor Rampton Spinners. I am also involved with the local community group, more so since I was elected Secretary in November. Reading has not been part of my life recently though I must get back into it because I do enjoy a good book and really do need to read the KnitLit books so as to initiate discussion at meetings. 


  1. Your jumper turned out well Pauline, I need to get one of those dress forms, make displaying finished articles so well. Your link to the new blog doesn't work, but the top one of fine.

    1. Thank you Sue, and thank you for letting me know about the failed link. Three cheers for the Edit button!

      The dress forms don't come cheap but I think the money is worth it. I usually have the form covered with a black polo neck jumper, to hide the gaps between the sections. The gaps are because the form is set at a large size. Didn't need it for modelling the variegated polo neck.


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