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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Work in Progress, Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

I haven't felt like knitting or reading much for a while but hope the return to KnitLit Huntingdon today will spur me back into action. A new book was issued, On Beauty by Zadie Smith, which I hope I can get into easier than the previous one.

The "easy knit" taken to KnitLit was a 15-stitch blanket. This is a variation of the ten-stitch blanket by Frankie Brown. Fifteen stitches are cast on instead of ten and the corners are worked in a different way.

Instead of working short rows to form a classy mitred corner, at the start of a new corner the required number of stitches for the next strip is cast on and the corner worked in straight rows as, in this case, knit 14 of the 15 cast on stitches and knit the 15th cast on stitch with the first stitch of the stitches remaining on the left needle as slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over. Turn and knit back. Repeat these two rows until all 15 stitches of the completed strip are worked off and only the 15 stitches of the new strip remain, then continue as normal. With this method the width of the strips can be changed as another variation.

At KnitLit today we decided to use the meetings between the book issue meetings to make things for the good causes we each support. Causes include Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, the local premature babies unit, Helping Hands Project at Retreat Maternity Hospital in South Africa, Whitechapel Mission (through Huntingdon Methodist Church), and more.

The polo neck is progressing and remains the priority. I love the way the colours blend.

The rib of the front of blue summer jumper has been completed and the stocking stitch started. Finishing this garment can hang on for a while.

You will remember the test knitting for a client. For client confidentiality I can't show much but this project is now completed.

Also completed is the dolman sweater. (Ignore the model. The garment is not for her!)


And this week's work in progress includes looking after our friend Byron.

Now to work on losing the Christmas and New Year weight gain!


  1. Great progress and cute sweater. Love the pup!!!!

  2. The dolman turned out really well, you should keep it for yourself (-:.

    Thanks for the 15 stitch corner tip, wish I had waited before starting another one.

    Byron reminds me of a much loved Retriever, Sunny, we used to have, not that I would have another dog now. Enjoy the walks with him though, good for getting off those pounds

    1. Dolmans are OK until trying to put a coat on. And I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing something see-through.

      You must have fond memories of Sunny. Pets are never forgotten. Like you, we wouldn't have another pet but borrowing someone else's from time to time is a great pleasure.


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