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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Marsha's Dolman

The completed dolman shown in the previous post was given to Marsha at the following Tuesday knitting group meeting. She rushed to the "Ladies" to try it on. Following her catwalk-style display to everyone in the room, telling everyone that it was hand knitted, I think I can say that she liked it.

Photograph © Sue Speechley and used with permission

Photograph © Sue Speechley and used with permission

Marsha attended the Knit & Natter group on the Wednesday of the following week, this time wearing the dolman when she arrived. We were treated to another display of the garment and her appreciation to the knitter. 

The stitch pattern was easy but only if not worked when tired. Trying to fix a missed 'yarn over' or 'knit two together through back of loops' or 'purl two together' without unravelling was difficult without leaving evidence of loose or tight stitches, even with judicious stitch shuffling to mask the excess or shortfall of yarn. And never dare to drop a stitch.  

The pattern was modified from a V-neck to a slash neck and the sleeve shaping to begin nearer to the welt of the bodice. It also had to be modified for a different yarn tension because the original yarn is no longer available. The original was also worked in two halves, back from wrist to wrist and front from wrist to wrist but Marsha's was worked in one piece from wrist to wrist. I was thankful for circular needles so that the weight could be held in my lap. 

The toil was worthwhile when seeing Marsha's happiness, and she gave me a bouquet of the most beautiful yellow roses. Thank you. 

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  1. Good job done Pauline. Marsha will obviously get a lot of wear out of it. It did really well on her


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