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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday, 5th September 2012

I have not felt much like knitting this week so little has been achieved.

The yarn and circular needle for the Holden Shawlette I have taken over to complete for a friend made the work easy going. Although the lace pattern is straightforward I can't seem to muster up the concentration. After a few pattern repeats it was obvious that our tensions were different so my work had to be unravelled and started again using a thicker needle. So still on the first pattern repeat.

The rib of the first piece of the summer top in the fancy (eyelash polyester) yarn is almost complete but nothing more. Casting on certainly needs quiet and concentration as the stitches are difficult to see individually and therefore difficult to count. From the experience of making the first top, I know it gets easier when using the thicker needles for the stocking stitch. There's yet more of the same yarn in a different colour to make another top. What could I have been thinking?

The yarn for the first baby cardigan has not knitted up well. It is a 100% wool merino blend 4ply but is very thin and the completed knitted fabric can be seen through. Am making samples on thinner needles and also samples using a double knitting version of the same yarn on different sizes of needles. Both cardigans have motifs so they need to have sufficient stitches and rows to carry the motifs well. I've got to get a move on as the cardigans are needed for the end of this month.

I do a lot of  "admin" work for various people and organisations so the week has been busy as usual, plus sorting out a pattern requiring many amendments. Since I formally started teaching in 1995 it was my desire to write knitting books but being a pattern writer &c I was always working on other people's ideas and projects with no time for my own. Since then other people have come out with books which have overtaken my ideas. Not to be beaten, this past week I started writing the first of the titles. There are so many books written in my head that I will have to live my time over again to finish them all (and make the samples for the illustrations).

Last Friday I started a six-week course of chair-based exercises as part of my continuing health regime following my heart attack in 2010. Dave and I also go on weekly local health walks run by health trainers.  I don't think my GP will be entirely happy with me until I reach the weight goal. After stagnating for some while the weight is beginning to come off again.

And I like to keep in contact with my friends and family - e-mail, Facebook, letter, birthday cards, telephone or meeting up. The Tuesday afternoon knitting group is always a Work in Progress, as are KnitLit and Medway Craft Group. I go to other craft and social groups as well, attend occasional workshops and am active in local community organisations.

I finished reading The Island and am back to Miss Read. Also back to viewing the home recorded videos. Hand written on the label is the film title Kind Hearts and Coronets but so far I have watched Wallace and Gromit in A Close Shave, a history documentary and a programme about the Globe Theatre in London. All very enjoyable but not the main feature!

With all this going on, my blog, Paulineknit Facebook Page, Ravelry updates and, especially, my website are neglected. I would dearly love to sell all the preowned knitting books and patterns - after finishing listing them all online.

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