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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Work in Progress, Wednesday 19th September 2012

My part in the Holden Shawelette completed on behalf of a friend is done.

She did the blocking and yesterday showed the result. Everyone in the group loved it.

Pieces are finally finished for the first baby cardigan after buying more of the same white yarn. A similar problem is arising with this new yarn: it doesn't knit evenly and the resulting fabric is translucent. Changing needle lengths and the materials the needles are made from haven't helped with the unevenness and changing to a thinner needle produced a too firm fabric. The second cardigan will be in red and white; the red yarn is slightly thicker than the white and the tension swatch isn't see through. So far I have been unable to find another brand of red 4ply yarn in the required shade so cannot (or, don't want to) change the brand of the white (at least for the second cardi).

Just a few extra rows have been added to the summer top for myself.

Past Imperfect by Julian Fellowes was issued at KnitLit last week. I am about half way through and enjoying it very much. I am of the right age for remembering the era in which the beginning of the book is set. The Miss Reads remain in the background to be picked up again once Past Imperfect is finished.

As well as the pattern for knitted Humbugs, the pattern produced in this past week for knitted Gobstoppers is on the Sweetie Shop page of the UK Hand Knitting Association's website.

Time permitting, I am still trying to finish next pattern for Abravo Alpacas.


  1. I forgot to say: The shawl was made using Manos del Uruguay Manos Lace, 70% baby alpaca, 25% silk and 5% cashmere.

  2. Sorry to hear about the yarn troubles for your sweater, wish I had solution for you. The shawl looks awesome.


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