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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday, 29th August 2012

The Alexis gloves are still in progress but the Holden Shawlette by Mandy Wilkes

and the Galant waistcoat by Abravo Alpacas are both complete and were handed to their owners yesterday.

The bootees for the helping Hands Project at the Retreat Maternity Clinic will be handed over today.

Another Holden Shawlette is in progress, having been picked up half done and being completed for a friend. The next row starts the scalloped edging. The first of the two special baby cardigans will be started today. It shouldn't take long but the second will need some concentration for the colour patterning. Still waiting for the contrast colour yarn to be delivered to the shop and then collected.

For the Tuesday knitting group I foolishly took some fancy yarn to start a simple stocking stitch top for myself. After several attempts at counting the stitches after casting on I gave up multitasking and concentrated on chatting instead. I must cast on and work at least the first row in the quietness of home so that the project can be taken and worked anywhere. Will have to remember to keep track of the number of rows so that the back and the front are the same lengths, similarly for the sleeves.

In the meantime I am working on the next pattern for Abravo Alpacas.

The Island is proving a good read. Time again to order the next book for the KnitLit group. We meet on alternate Wednesday afternoons with a new title issued at every other meeting.

Keeping in touch with family and friends is an ongoing work in progress. On Sunday Dave and I went to his sister's home for a family gathering which proved a very happy and pleasant afternoon. The two great nephews were considerably older and taller than when we last saw them, one going off to University next month and the other also furthering his career.


  1. Your photos are lovely. I love the colors of your Holden!

  2. Love the shawl Pauline, one to add to the old list. Waistcoat looks good too, what detail is on the front?

  3. OOOooooo! That shawl is deliciously scrumptious in the yarn you've knitted it with! I really love the vest as well! It looks like you'll be ready for fall!

  4. Hello Pauline, this shawl is just beautiful. I love the colour as well.
    I do miss being able to knit or crochet now. I do lots of reading instead. Hugs and love Maureen xxxx

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. The Holden isn't for me but was knitted at the request of someone else but I do have some suitable yarn I hand dyed at a workshop to make one for myself. The Galant is modelled on a dress orm that is set at a larger size than the garment so the fronts do not hang properly on it. They are shaped with the deep collar continuing along them. No front fastening. I am waiting for a picture of the recipient wearing it so the Galant can be seen as it should be. Reading is good for you, Maureen, but I agree that knitting is better! I am sorry you cannot knit or crochet now.

  6. The shawl is gorgeous! I love it, both color and design. Must check out that pattern. Many thanks for the visit. You are sooooooo are on the mark about size of squares. I've been pretty flexible and gave a 3 inch variance, but even with that got things that didn't measure up, so recently have re-done the guidelines in hopes of getting squares that measure the same size. I get things sometimes that even with blocking and pulling aren't going to be square, I get things that are clearly rectangles and not squares. Have decided I need to be more strict about what I receive in order to reduce my time working on them. Those you saw were from one person, so I only had to take a few rows out of a couple of squares she made before I changed the guidelines as I wanted to use them quickly.

    Your wastecoat looks sooooooo nice and warm, love the design.

    1. A tip to achieve similar square sizes is to cut out a piece of card to the required size and measure the squares being made against it rather than use a tape measure.

      It would also help if makers checked their tension and made the squares to suit rather than make the squares all with the same number of rows or rounds. Just a couple of thoughts.


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