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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday, 22nd August 2012

Something more exciting this week. I've actually started something new!

A knitter at the Tuesday knitting group was making a Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes. As a consequence I am now making one for another knitting friend who saw it. The next row starts the lace pattern. Both shawls are using Malabrigo Sock yarn, colour Lettuce, bought online from Nutty Knitting Supplies.

Holden shawlette.
The safety pins on the left are row number markers - one every ten rows.
Made on a circular needle to accommodate all the stitches.

The Abravo Alpacas Galant waistcoat is blocking before seaming and adding the armbands and collar. The yarn knits up quickly. The right front took only a couple of hours at the Sunday knitting group.

Galant waistcoat back.
Blocking, wrong side uppermost.
I wish my camera wouldn't insist on distorting images.

Galant waistcoat fronts.
Blocking, wrong side uppermost.

If all goes to plan, both should be completed to hand over next Tuesday.

A second pair of grey Alexis Gloves from the Purl Alpaca Designs kit had been knitted for a while but not completed. Now working on another two pairs from the ball left over from the PAD Duchess Cardigan.

I put aside an hour or so to devise a pattern for the UK Hand Knitting Association Sweetie Shop which needs a final check and e-mailing on.

Knitted "Mint Humbugs".

Also made a pair of booties for The Helping Hands Project at the Retreat Maternity Clinic in South Africa. This is run by a family member of another knitting friend. The Clinic is where my ten-stitch blankets go. As Fusion isn't running again until October the shaggy bag has lost its importance for a while.

Having many WIPs means that there should be something to knit in any circumstance. Knitting groups need projects that can be worked on while at the same time chatting to other people. Not that I get much time to knit at KnitLit, with returning and issuing books, reading out loud, helping with knitting queries. &c. But I enjoy the sessions and meeting up with the group. The shaggy bag can now be picked up and put down while waiting for dinner to cook.

Miss Read has been put to one side while I start last week's KnitLit book The Island. I have read only a few pages but it looks promising. Several Miss Reads have been passed on to friends before making their way to the charity shop.

Until next week WIPs will include starting to reply to all the e-mails, letters and telephone calls I owe. 


  1. Busy as usual Pauline! The shawl looks exciting, love the colour. The waistcoat is looking great too, you are so good blocking before moving on, hangs head in shame. The humbugs look good enough to eat, clever idea.

    1. I admit to not blocking everything I make for my own use (only if and when it needs it) but I do when making for other people. The shawl is very easy and the patterned area is about half done now. I think it is something you would enjoy making.

  2. Wow, lot's going on! I hadn't seen that Alexis Glove pattern before. It's a stunner! Maybe I should queue up some of those for my Christmas list?

    1. The gloves are easy to make and keep the hands surprisingly warm while allowing unrestricted use of fingers and thumbs. I am sure they will make welcome Christmas gifts.


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