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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday, 15th August 2012

A new WIP is a Galant waistcoat designed by Frances of Abravo Alpacas and the pattern written by yours truly. This current waistcoat is being made on behalf of someone else.

The design was launched at Fibre East on 14th and 15th July 2012. Made using Abravo Alpacas Aran yarn on 6mm needles.

Abravo Alpacas
Galant waistcoat
Picture copyright Abravo Alpacas and used with permission

Existing work in progress remains the square shaggy bag which sadly didn't get finished in time for Fusion. The last Fusion knitting session for the summer was yesterday but there is always the October half term to look forward to. Although not expecting young people to complete a bag during the knitting sessions - obviously insufficient time - learning how to make a diagonal square and extending this knowledge to - for those who want to - making a bag was envisaged. I believe that seeing and handling a finished sample gives more inspiration and understanding than just a picture.

The test knitting is completed and is with the client. Just to finalise and e-mail the comments. As before, no pictures here in order to maintain client confidentiality. Started and finished since last Wednesday was the alteration to a child's coat to lengthen the sleeves. 

Having read the last KnitLit book in a week I am still rapidly working through the "Miss Read" books. Two friends are also fans of this author and the books are being lent to them before reaching the charity shop. The new KnitLit title - "The Island " -  is due to be issued today.

This was supposed to be my "Year of the UnFinished Objects" and half-way through August not many have been accomplished. But my life is full of other activities and while I am doing one I can't (usually) do another.

Thanks to my friend Sue for introducing me to WIP Wednesday. 

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  1. Thanks for the 'link up' Pauline. The waistcoat looks great just enough pattern to make it interesting. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with 'Miss Read'. You will love 'The Island', well I did, I've read a number of Victoria Hislops' books and found them all enjoyable. Bet you are glad Fusion is over for a while


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