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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

WIP Wednesday, 8th August 2012

There was nothing to report last week except that WIPs were progressing very slowly. It would have been sheer boredom for anyone to have read the associated Blog post so I didn't write one.

The good news is that I am working on the last item of the test knitting. I cannot post pictures in order to maintain client confidentiality.  Other than these samples no knitting has been done apart from a few rows of the second side of the diagonal square shaggy bag. 

Second side of diagonal square shaggy bag.
The camera has distorted the image of the needles.

Having sold four books last week, as well as removing these from the catalogue a revamp of my website is in progress. There are still books and patterns to list. So WIP continues in "sharing hand knitting skills" in one form or another. 

The Fusion knitting sessions continue and some of the young people are as keen as ever to learn. Finger knitting and telephone pouches are still the most popular. Before the October sessions it might be a good idea to come up with more ideas of what to do with finger knitting in addition to the flowers, finger knitting the finger knitting again into a scarf, and its use as cords. There are websites showing how to weave finger knitting into a circular rug using a hula hoop as a loom and loops made from cutting the body of a T-shirt from side to side as the warp. Might try this on a smaller scale so that the project can be completed within a single session. 

Having consciously made time to read every day, the gentle text and good humour of the Miss Read books are a treat to the brain and an aid to relaxation. 

We have decided to give up Sky television when this month's subscription expires so we will both be working our way through the home-recorded videos. The intention is still to knit the unwanted tapes into shopping bags. The pre-recorded will follow, and those we no longer want going to a charity shop or other Good Cause. 


  1. I love the Miss Read books. Glad the classes are going well. Meant to say well done on your post last week with all your wins. I'm not posting today as I decided it was just too boring, as I've not made much progress on anything

    1. I think you made progress enough with the completion of your craft room! Also a lot more going on in your life with a new baby grandson. Obviously not much time for you to knit. Would you like to borrow the "Miss Read" books en route to the charity shop?


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