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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WIP Wednesday, 4th July 2012

Still in progress is the dreaded soft toy, and I have tried the seaming the arm again and again. Time to make a new arm as the present one can't take any more tries. After the seaming and assembly comes the embroidery - eyes, nose, mouth - using black embroidery thread on the black knitted fabric. What I have done to deserve this? Also untouched are the Alexis gloves. Not enough time to work on everything.

The mauve and rust blanket is seamed and ready for the border to be added.

The ten test knitting samples have been started.

The yarn arrived for the knit to order Holden Shawlette. One skein of malabrigo sock yarn in shade 37 Lettuce. It needs to be wound into a ball and the tension swatch worked before starting the shawlette itself. The pattern is by Mindy Wilkes and was downloaded free from Ravelry.

Also started are the samples for the summer Fusion sessions. We are adding squares to the choices, worked from corner to corner thus incorporating increasing and decreasing and without the need of a tension swatch for each yarn used. Squares can be transformed into so many things: face cloth, pot holder, bag, cushion cover, blanket ....

And the successes. The ten-stitch blanket is finished as is the sample garment for Abravo Alpacas. The blanket will be given to knitting colleague Irmgard whose daughter-in-law's mother runs the Retreat Maternity Unit for very poor mothers in South Africa.

The next KnitLit book isn't due until 18th July. Many years ago I was given a complete set of Miss Read books and have now started working my way through them again before passing on to the British Heart Foundation charity shop. The first chosen title was The Howards of Caxley, my least favourite of all the Miss Read books. Having said that, I warmed to it more this time around. Now reading Tyler's Row. Also in progress is playing all the home-recorded videos while the video player still works. After viewing, Dave dismantles the cassettes and saves the tapes with the view to my (eventually) knitting them into shopping bags. Ditto for home recorded audio cassette tapes. Pre-recorded audio tapes - story and music - also need reviewing and either keeping or giving to the BHF charity shop.

Can't say that I am fond of the automatic pop-up boxes and adverts that are appearing on blogs recently. 


  1. Pauline, that shawl is lovely, pattern now stored in my library, I have some yarn in my stash that will be perfect, not sure if I'll be thanking you once I get going on the lace, but it says its easy.

    The ten stitch looks great I'm sure Irmgard will be pleased.

    I love the Miss Read books, I read them at school and have dipped in and out over the years. Have you ever read the Gervaise Phinn books, he's a school inspector up north, very funny

  2. I have not started the shawl yet - we will have to compare notes as we progress. I haven't read Gervaise Phinn but I'll check the Library to see if they have any. See you on Thursday.


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