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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WIP Wednesday, 25th July 2012

This week's WIPs are few, with many previous WIPs being relegated to UFOs. 

Fusion started on Monday and there are still a few samples to finish, such as the second square and the handles to make the shaggy bag, and smaller squares joined together to form a larger square as an illustration of how this works. Yesterday was the first knitting session. Finger knitting is still the preferred option for the younger ones, while the older ones are knitting telephone pouches and squares on two needles.

First side of shaggy bag.
The camera angle has distorted the shape but it is a square.  

Top left: Sample of a basic square.
Bottom left: Sample of a basic square with colour change at half way point.
Right: Pot holder with hanging loop made using two strands of wool yarn.
Again the camera angle has distorted  the shapes.
The stuffing and assembly of the test knitting continues, as does attempting yet again to finish the black soft toy. These experiences have told me in no uncertain terms that my eyes and perhaps manual dexterity are no longer good enough for such work. 

I finished reading The Da Vinci Code, the most recent KnitLit book issued last Wednesday. Each chapter ended with a cliffhanger, leaving me with the compulsion to read on. Back now to the Miss Read books as "Reads in Progress". (Sorry about that.) Glad to say that reading gave me some time to rest after a previously busy schedule.

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  1. There is something very pleasing about a square. I am sure it's the fact that it is equal in all aspects.


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