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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WIP Wednesday, 18th July 2012

Even though I missed last week's WIP Wednesday because of pressure of commitments, not much has been achieved during the fortnight. My diary has been overflowing with meetings and events and I have been too tired to knit much in the evenings. I was brought down to earth yesterday when Dave asked me to stand still for a minute. "I've forgotten what you look like," he said.

The test knitting progresses. One set of samples has been posted but the remainder are now at the all-(except one)-knitted-and-at-the-seaming-and-stuffing stage. 

In the meantime the samples for the Fusion sessions, which begin next Monday, are still being made. In addition to the established projects - and other new projects, such as weaving, led by Sue - you may remember that we are introducing squares. Squares made diagonally corner to corner, as well as introducing increasing and decreasing, eliminate the need for a tension swatch so that projects can be made and used quickly. 

Two new designs were launched by Abravo Alpacas at Fibre East over the weekend 14th and 15th July, the Galaxy Tunic Dress and the Galant Waistcoat. On the rare occasions I was at home, last week's WIP included finishing typing up the pattern for the waistcoat. This week I am starting on the pattern for the next  design, this time for children.

With early starts to the days and too tired at bedtime, no reading has been done. Neither has the review of pre-recorded video and audio tapes. Apologies for not reading and commenting on the blogs I follow, and apologies to those still waiting for the black soft toy, the Holden Shawlette and the other things I promised to do. And the rust and mauve blanket just might be finished in time for the winter. 


  1. You have been busy. I hope soon life calms down for you and you get back to your beautiful WIPS

  2. Pauline slow.....down. (-:

  3. I hope your commitments will ease off and soon you will find more time to relax with a WIP and a book on your lap :-)

  4. Thank you, ladies. I have taken your advice to heart and appreciate very much your concern. There was a new book issued at KnitLit this afternoon (The Da Vinci Code) so I'll try to get a read of that tonight at bedtime.


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