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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WIP Wednesday, 27th June 2012

Much the same as last week - not much done actually knitting. Starting with the successes, three Zingy Blues made, one given and two just needing the eyes and nose glued on and then ready to post.

The Ruffles scarf is also completed. Not happy that there was a join in the ball - meaning two ends knotted together - but I untied the knot and managed to hide the join to my satisfaction. It is a pity that the camera doesn't reflect the vibrancy of the colours, even when using flash.

Almost finished is the third side of the final round of the ten-stitch blanket. The mauve and rust squares are still being seamed but with only half of the final strip to go. It can do with a good blocking and certainly needs a border. Just as well this project is for my own use. The soft toy - don't ask. Even with the headlamp on full I can't see properly to seam the second arm. I keep ending up with one side of the seam two or three rows longer than the other, and not always the same side! Remind me not to knit with black again, especially when the stitches are small.

The garment for Abravo Alpacas (formerly Colleague A) has been in abeyance while the pattern was typed up. The Alexis gloves have been put to one side in favour of the ten-stitch and the seaming.

Fusion begins on 23rd July for four weeks so I am winding yarns into suitably sized balls - thank goodness for a ball winder - for the different projects. In addition to pom-pom animals, finger knitting and the two needle knitting projects we are offering another scarf and squares. The squares will be worked diagonally corner to corner (no need for tension swatches) with many projects they can be used for depending on size and fibre content: pot holders, facecloths, cushion covers, bags, blankets... Another lady, Sue, will be joining Frances and me and offering weaving. We are all preparing samples and instructions. Knitting friends and colleagues have been generous with their donations of yarn, needles and other equipment. A big Thank You to them. 

Need to begin the test knitting which multiplied from one each of two designs to two each of five designs. Also a shawl for a new friend when the yarn arrives. A request for some baby clothes has also been received. 

I finished Brick Lane and thought it had a satisfactory ending for all characters concerned. I was glad I persevered to the end. The new KnitLit book issued last week was The Outcast by Sadie Jones, which I have finished already. One of those books where you want to find out what happens to the central character. Is it my imagination that many modern books flag in the middle and have many more pages than the story really needs? (A bit like my blog posts?)


  1. Scarf looks awesome, but like you I get irritated when you run into a join/knot in a skein. Often they're poorly done too.

    1. Thank you Sandy. The scarf is very easy to make - the yarn does all the work. When bought it looks like tape but it opens out into the mesh. Eight stitches on 8mm needles and garter stitch worked to and fro. Insert right needle into first stitch on left needle, wrap the thread forming the next 'hole' over the right needle and pull it through the stitch on the left needle as if knitting a stitch, drop stitch from left needle. Tip: don't drop a stitch as it disappears downwards rapidly!

  2. all looking good Pauline.

    What weight yarn are you looking for as I can bring you some tomorrow?

    1. Thank you Sue. DK as a general guide but the weaving and newer knitting projects can use other thicknesses. For example, some very thin yarns on cones have been wound together into a thicker thread.

  3. I have to admit after making four scarves with the twirl/frill I am still not happy with joining it, but I have vowed not to ever use it again!!


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