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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WIP Wednesday, 20th June 2012

Well, it is much the same as last week: much on the needles and doing a little of many. I managed to start two new projects. One is the Zingy Blue Character using the pattern downloaded from Hennie's Nimble Needles. The character is featured in the EDF Energy advertisements.

The smaller version is as per the pattern, the larger one as per the pattern but using two strands of DK yarn on thicker needles. Both yet to have features added. A relative wanted one of the characters so I thought I would try to oblige. A friend is also fond of the character so a third is on the needles.

The second is another Stylecraft Ruffles scarf, this time without the sparkles. This is intended as a 'thinking of you' gift instead of flowers. The colours may look dour but their vibrancy has been lost in the photograph. The intended recipient is fond of earthy autumnal colours so I hope the combination of browns, green and orange appeals to her. (The needles are not bent in reality; it's the way the camera interprets the image.)

The stuffed toy has taken a new lease of life. All parts made but the sewing up has proved more than difficult with the small knitted stitches and black yarn. Fed up with my moaning, yesterday my husband came home with a headlamp. Fixed to elastic straps that fit over the head, the battery operated lamp sits on the forehead and can be angled to shine on the work in progress. There is a bank of small 'daylight' bulbs which can be used on any one of three settings - low, medium and bright. The seam I had been struggling with for months was completed in next to no time. The lamp is fantastic. Thank you Dave. Perhaps now the joint project with Colleague B will progress.

Some more test knitting is arriving today. Two simple makes for children's kits.

I never thought about adding other WIPs other than knitting until I read other people's posts and thought I would do the same. The current book being read by the Huntingdon Library KnitLit group (for knitters who like to read and readers who like to knit) is Brick Lane by Monica Ali. Centred around Nazneen who was born in East Pakistan in 1967, it follows her life in the area of Tower Hamlets in East London after she is married to Chanu who lives there. The culture differences are presented clearly, as are the challenges Nazneen's daughters growing up in a different culture to her own. I thought the book stagnated in the middle but having persevered I cannot wait to see how it ends. (For local readers, Huntingdon Library KnitLit is currently operating a waiting list.)


  1. Those little Zingy Blue characters are very cute. I had to watch a couple of YouTube videos to understand the reference, but now that I have your characters are spot on! Little things like this are quite fun little projects, aren't they?

  2. Nice knitting! Good luck with the Zingy Blue Character.

  3. I *heart* Zingy and your knit looks great

  4. Thank you ladies. When the eyes and nose have been added I'll post a picture.


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