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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

WIP Wednesday, 9th May 2012

All I can say is that many projects haven't progressed very far. The samples were all completed for the talk/demo on 5th May, and the two sets of samples for pattern testing were posted yesterday.

Also finished was the greetings card ....

... the scarf for a cousin ...

.... and the frilly scarf for myself.

I can't say that I enjoyed knitting with the tape yarns that open out to form the frilly scarves, the loopy style yarn being easier to knit than the other 'fish-net'-style yarn, but I prefer the finish of the latter. I didn't expect the scarf to be so long but it does give the option for wrapping round the neck (as above) or folding in half for 'keyhole' fastening.

Probably best to continue with the Feather and Fan number 2 scarf, the spiral scarf and the ten-stitch blanket number 4 at knitting and craft clubs, and to join together the rust and mauve squares and work on the other WIPs at home.

Perhaps something more exciting to report next week.

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  1. those scarves turned out really well, lovely card too.

    How annoying is she!!!!! (-:


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