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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WIP Wednesday, 30th May 2012

Not much has been done this week. Of last week's WIPs only the sewing up of the rust and mauve squares, sewing up of the soft toy project with Colleague B and the spiral scarf progress.

Always trying to be helpful I offered to make the second sock for one of the ladies at one of the knitting groups I attend. Not as simple as once thought as it took several attempts to match her tension. Then the yarn had a knot in it. After finding the correct place in the ball to continue with a matching colour length of knitted fabric, I reached the point where to divide for the heel. Something didn't look 'right'. The yarn after the knot had been wound in the opposite direction so that the colour bands of sock 2 didn't match the colour bands of sock 1. The bands of blue are two different shades. Unravel. Back on track now and should have the sock completed by next week.

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  1. great socks, you are so good to finish off other peoples knitting. I too haven't done much this week


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