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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

WIP Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

Work in Progress is almost exactly the same as last week, mainly making samples for the talk and demonstration on Saturday.

Not started last Wednesday and now completed, I helped a friend by working a neckband and arm bands for her ...

... and making alterations to a sleeveless garment to shorten the armholes without shortening the overall length or having to unravel and rework.

Also started since last Wednesday is test knitting a couple of patterns. 

Lastly, I am making some glittery edging to add to a greetings card. 

Last Saturday during a meeting with two cousins we found the knitting stall in Stevenage Covered Market. Worth a look if you are ever near there. As a result, next on the list is a scarf made from Katia Triana Lux. 


  1. More yarn Pauline...... nearly as bad as me

    You ned to link yourself to Tamis

    1. The Triana Lux is scarf is for one of said cousins. I thought I had linked to Tamis last week but will check.


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