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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WIP Wednesday, 25th April 2012

This is my first time with the WIP Wednesday community so I'll begin with the main things I am currently working on. They are in different stages of completion. I usually knit in the evenings, working on whatever is the priority at the time or what I feel I will enjoy the most. However, I belong to five knitting groups and take easy to knit projects to these thus making it easier to join in the conversations and work at the same time. What I take depends on the group (what would interest them most), the priority, and/or how I feel.

On 5th May and again to a different group on 31st May I will be giving a talk and demonstration on finishing and blocking hand knitted garments. Currently I am making samples. The picture below shows cables (bottom) and  the Fir Cone lace pattern (top), each made using 100% wool (left) and 100% acrylic (right). These are unblocked but similar samples are being made and then blocked using four different methods. Other necessary samples have been made, and are or will be on the needles.

Below is the feather and fan scarf number 2, this one for me, made using the French yarn 66% viscose, 17% cotton, 17% acrylic. An easy four row stitch pattern, ideal for working when attending knitting groups. When blocked the knitted fabric opens out beautifully to show the lace pattern.

This is a scarf I started a while ago but then other projects became more important and/or more of a pleasure to make. However, I am determined to finish it.

This spiral began as my final scarf for the 2011 Shoebox Appeal but would have been too late for the deadline, then became a sample for the Fusion knitting sessions, but later this year will find regain its way into a Shoebox.

Ten-stitch blanket number 4, this one destined for the Retreat Maternity Unit in South Africa which looks after poor women during their confinement and sends them home with a goody bag containing, among many other things, baby clothes and a blanket. Ten-stitch blanket number 5 is also being made, using chunky yarns. It is in abeyance until I can find the chunky yarn in my boxes of stash in order to carry on and finish it.

These 25 rust and mauve squares made using a mohair yarn have been hanging about for ages waiting to be joined into a lap blanket. All that's needed is to raise them up the list of priorities and finally join them together and add a border. A case of out of sight, out of mind.

In addition are samples for a client and sample garments for a project I am working on with someone else. Plus making stocking stitch triangles from the oddments of textured yarn to eventually make another blanket, and using the small balls of yarn leftover from projects to make shopping bags, one in natural animal fibres and one from synthetics.

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  1. as usual it amazes me how much you get done. The ten stitch is looking great


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