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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Well, it's threequarters of the way through April

Where has this month gone? So much for reserving Sundays to comment on the Blogs I follow. I think my last round up was on 25th March. Sunday 1st April has nothing in my diary and I cannot remember what I was doing. Catching up, probably, and getting ready for Fusion. The following Sunday was Easter Sunday when we took ourselves off in the afternoon to the cinema to see Marigold Hotel followed by a meal. An unplanned event, greatly enjoyed nevertheless. Maggie Smith excelled herself in her role. A very funny film with a feelgood ending. Sunday 15th I went to the monthly knitting session in Stilton, a group of now six of us meeting for a good natter and a good knit.

The days between 25th March and now have been full and fulfilling. The week beginning 25th we were looking after our now dear friend Byron, a friend's dog. He is so well behaved and a proper gentleman. Every Tuesday is the Health Walk, a short walk around my neighbourhood with like-legged people come rain, snow, shine, warmth or cold. Byron also attended on the 27th. Tuesdays is also the knitting group in held in a hotel lounge in the next town.

On alternate Wednesdays I facilitate KnitLit in my local library so, with the associated admin, that was the 28th March and 11th April spoken for. Medway Craft Group is on alternate Thursdays, so with committee meetings, the 28th March, 5th, 12th and 19th April were spoken for also. Other meetings - friends, committee, knitting and miscellaneous - used 26th March (two), 4th, 13th, 16th, and 19th April, plus a superb dyeing workshop on 21st. As described in a previous Blog, 2nd to 5th April Frances and I were teaching at Fusion.

I am also an administrator for four Facebook Pages, monitor e-mails for two organisations, and run two websites (one my own and one for one of the aforementioned organisations) as well as trying to keep my other electronic sites up to date. There's more, but you must be bored enough by now. Let's just say that my own work - those things that I have always promised I would do when I retire - take last place. But I do try to keep in contact with family and friends, but not as often as I would like. In the evenings I like to sit with Dave, watch television and knit. Currently I am making samples for a talk/demo about finishing knitted garments - sewing in ends, blocking, seaming, &c. I would love to spin also but there is not enough room to use the wheel. In the meantime I must find time to type and print the handouts.

So now I'm off to read the Blogs.

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  1. so pleased you enjoyed Marigold Hotel, I thought it was brilliant, but then with such a good cast it was bound to be. Being retired looks busier than going to work. I wonder do I have the time


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