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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Four Finished Objects

I'm glad to say that things do get finished albeit sometimes not until well after the pieces are completed. Blocking takes some time. Smaller pieces are straightforward on the ironing board. However, there is nowhere large enough and/or suitable for blocking bigger whole pieces so they have to be blocked in sections on the ironing board. As I use the cold water spray method there is a waiting time until each piece or section is dry before starting on the next.

This jacket was made using Icelandic Flos 90% wool, 10% mohair from Alafoss flos pattern B-916. The original pattern had snowflakes in a contrast colour on the yoke but they would not have looked good with the main colour chosen and I didn't like them anyway. The yarn and pattern were bought in June last year when the KnitLit Huntingdon group visited Lynn's Yarn Shop in Brampton.

This is Purl Alpaca Designs Duchess made using Purl Alpaca Designs Fine yarn, 100% alpaca. The yarn and pattern were bought at a Purl workshop 2½-3 years ago. It was brought into hospital two years ago when I was poorly but neglected for a while when I returned home. It had been completed for some while all but for the seaming.

For Dave's 60th birthday I promised him a Johnny Cash sweater, made using King Cole Anti-tickle Merino Blend DK. The back and the sleeves were made a long time ago but I was anxious about getting the face correct. After five years waiting I took the plunge and started the motif. I don't think it looks anything like the young JC but Dave assures me that it does and that the twist in the mouth is correct. So far he has not worn it.

Finally I made another feather and fan scarf as a gift, this time from a French yarn in my stash, 66% viscose, 17% cotton, 17% acrylic. The cotton has inbuilt 'knots' which give a texture to the shiny yarns. I am currently making another in this yarn, this time for myself. 

These are the skeins from the dyeing workshop I attended on 21st April 2012. The top skein is alpaca and silk laceweight dyed with magenta, cyan and purple. To be used for a neckwarmer, design yet to be decided, but probably a floaty scarf. The bottom skein is 75% merino, 25% nylon sock wool. The intention was black with two shades of grey for a pair of socks for Dave, to tone with the JC sweater. For some reason the black and greys transformed to blues. Nothing is lost as I will use the yarn for myself, seeing as blue is my favourite colour. 

Fingers crossed that now I can join in with WIP Wednesday.

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  1. Beautiful work Pauline, I especially love the Duchess. You are so patient with your blocking. I hope to see you wearing it soon


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