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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Easter Fusion 2012

The Easter Fusion sessions were again a great success with much finger knitting. This time some of the finger knitting was used to make flowers as a brooch or a hair decoration, and one young person brought in the scarf she had finger knitted from the long length of finger knitting she had made in February.

Another young person also did this during the Easter sessions, this time using variegated yarn.

 As before, enjoyment was gained from doing finger knitting even if the outcome of its use wasn't known.

The sample coaster gained much attention but was not attempted.

The needle knitted pouches were less popular than before and the roses not at all. Perhaps a better display of the roses would have attracted attention and had the specially wound small balls of yarn to make them not disappeared to the finger knitters. As before, no-one was interested in making greetings cards using finger knitted lengths as decoration - for example, flowers, leaves, filling in preprinted shapes.

Two young people attempted the garter stitch spiral scarf, one of whom also wanted to learn other stitches. He is a fast learner, accomplishing rib easily, and not ending up with moss stitch. The picture shows the start of the sample spiral scarf.

One of the older young people brought in her own knitting, the centre of a perfectly made ten-stitch blanket. Everybody wanted to make one so this is being considered as a summer project.

Pom-pom making was also very popular, again just for the joy of making a pom-pom although some pom-pom animals were created.

Frances and I taught on each of the four days of Easter Fusion, 2nd to 5th April. Summer Fusion is for five weeks but we will not be attending on all of these days. We will have to think about how to display the samples and the materials next time, probably having a 'general' basket and also closed containers with balls of enough yarn to make a rose, a pouch or a spiral scarf and the knitters choosing the colours from these as appropriate. 10-stitch blankets can be made from 'oddments', making it colourful and avoiding the need for several balls of the same yarn. Asking young people not to start on the complete balls on display as these were reserved for the spiral scarves created disappointment.

Our teaching is not a constructed course as we do not see the young people regularly, some don't stay for the whole session, some don't attend all sessions, and the ages range from eight to 17 all at the same time. The young people are also keen to start and to make something. Hence there is finger knitting, needle knitting and pom-poms all going on at the same time and at different levels of knowledge and expertise. Over the Easter Fusion we gave away 18 of the 20 'goody bags' supplied by the Crafts Council under the Knit One, Pass It On scheme and we could have given out many more. We kept one each for ourselves for future use.

The goody bags contain instructions for knitting and crochet and a card for stickers. When the card is complete it becomes a Certificate of Attendance.

We start the needle knitters off with casting on and then garter stitch at a basic level so that they have something to take home. Once accomplished then refinements can begin, such as how to hold the yarn to tension it, not to knit too loose or too tight. Then the purl stitch and/or reading a simple pattern, and so on. All these different stages of knowledge going on at the same time.

Another woman (I wish I was good at remembering names) would like to join us, offering weaving. She has a loom and we have coincidentally been given some weaving sticks.

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