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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Finger knitting

This past week or so the evenings have been taken up with finger knitting. Knitting colleague Frances and I have offered to run knitting sessions during Fusion, the half-term activities at the local youth club, under the Crafts Council 'Knit One, Pass It On' project. We attended a training session last October. The knitting experiences of the young people are unknown to us so finger knitting seemed a good start, especially as the ages range from eight to 16. Large stitches make for fast knitting.

An easy make are flowers made from a strip of finger knitting wound round card to eventually form 'petals'. Then add a bead, button or finger knitted spiral for the centre. The flowers have many uses - brooch, on a hair clip or scrunchy for a hair decoration, on a length of finger knitting as a key fob or mobile phone dangler, stuck onto a greetings card, a decoration for a mobile phone pouch, or ...

Finger knitting strips can also be used to outline and fill shapes, such as a heart drawn onto a greetings card.

Also on offer will be pom pom chicks and spiders, and a two-needle garter stitch pouch for a mobile phone or other smallish IT gadget.

So we are making samples and typing up the instructions so that the young people can finish their work or make more at home. The idea is that a sample of each end result is on show and the young people can choose which one they will make. All materials will be provided buy us.

My other knitting has taken a back seat while these preparations are in hand so there are at least three works in progress crying for attention. Other commitments have also taken up much of my daytime time. Not least was the enjoyable afternoon at KnitLit Huntingdon on Wednesday - a wonderful group of jolly ladies - preceded by the wonderful afternoon at Medway Craft Group on Thursday of the previous week. Unfortunately I didn't go to KTog Cambridge yesterday because of the impending snow. Public transport and snow don't always mix and I was afraid of being left stranded if the buses stopped running.

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