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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

February Half-Term - more finger knitting

The three February half-term knitting sessions at Fusion, school holiday activities held at the local youth club, presented under the Crafts Council 'Knit one, Pass It On' scheme were a great success.

There was a fair mix of girls and boys, and a fair mix of those who wanted to do finger knitting and those who wanted to knit with two needles. Samples of what could be made from finger knitting and two needle knitting were displayed and materials were supplied. Click here to see a video of the samples. 

Finger knitting was extremely popular. In spite of samples showing how it could be used to make flower brooches, hair decorations, and other items, the actual activity of doing the finger knitting was the greater pleasure. Before their next session some of the young people purchased their own 100g balls of yarn and made metres of finger knitting with it. Suggestions of what could be done with it, including knitting the finger knitting lengths to make a scarf, did not inspire. One young lady had many long lengths of finger knitting in different colours wrapped around her neck like a scarf. I suggested that she could sew them together side by side to actually make a scarf, and someone else suggested that she could plait them together also to make a scarf.  

By the third session the young people were teaching each other how to finger knit and the yarn supply dwindled extremely quickly. For both the finger knitting and the two needle knitting bright colours were popular, with the paler colours and the darks being overlooked.  

The phone pouches knitted on two needles were more poplar with the older young people, none of whom could knit at the start of the first session. For beginners they were ambitious, wanting stripes and other effects.  Two lads were very keen, one sitting up until 3am  to work on his knitting. By the third session he was knitting stocking stitch. Here is a video of some of the young people's work. They have given their permission for their work to be shown. Click here to see a video of the young people's work.

We intend to return for the Easter holiday Fusion sessions with more ideas, such as using finger knitting to finger knit or two needle knit a scarf, and two needle knitted roses that can be turned into a brooch or hair decoration.

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  1. so pleased it went well. It is very satisfying passing on your skill to young people and seeing how enthused they get. Lets hope they keep it up.

    We hope to start up the Monday Girls Group again soon, just waiting on a new venue.


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