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Sunday, 29 January 2012

The first item to be finished since the last blog is a jumper for Sian. This is a pattern I have used for more than 40 years - the needle sizes are imperial and the measurements in inches only but it comes in sizes from 22 to 44 inch (56 to 112 cm) bust/chest with a choice of round neck or V neck. It is a plain but classic raglan and I have made a countless number of these over the years in different sizes and adaptations. The original yarn is no longer available but there are plenty of  DK yarns that knit to the same tension.

This wasn't exactly a UFO but the yarn had been bought last summer and needed to be used before the now 2 year-old got any older and there was not enough yarn to complete anything larger.

The yarn was a twist yarn, main colour pink with a thin yellow thread twisted tightly around it giving a textured surface. This made the knitting look uneven and untidy, not a finish that I like. The yarn is such that blocking doesn't much improve the appearance.

A previously made jumper for Sian used the same pattern but with an added kangaroo pocket in the front. The main yarn was a pink boucle, with a smooth white and pink variegated yarn for the rib sections.

The green jacket/cardigan has been blocked but is awaiting the front bands before it can be completed. The 5.5mm circular needle needed for the all-in-one horizontal front and neck bands has gone walkabout so I need to buy another. The jumper for Dave's 65th birthday needs the embroidery on front motif completed and blocking before assembly. Another 'Special' scarf is in progress, as is the white ten-stitch blanket and a mohair blanket made in garter stitch squares. Samples are being made for the knitting sessions Frances and I will be presenting at Fusion - school holiday activities held at the local youth club - as part of the Craft Ckub 'Knit One, Pass It On' scheme. As an introduction to knitting we are offering finger knitting to make flowers to be worn as brooches, hairgrips, belt or bag decorations, or stuck on greetings cards &c; pom-pom chicks, bees and spiders; two-needle knitted covers for mobiles &c. The chunky ten-stitch blanket is in abeyance for the time being. In the meantime I am working on the next design for Abravo Alpacas and on an exciting project with another knitting colleague.

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  1. If you keep this up you will complete all your UFO's in next to no time! I love the dark pink jumper, very nice. Basic patterns don't really change do they, its just what you do with them that makes the difference.


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