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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Christmas Leftovers

The English Bulldog was posted in time for the person who requested it to give as a Christmas gift. I was encouraged by Spookloops on Ravelry whose pictures showed the same knitted shapes as mine and her assembly of the head was the same as I had intended. After much stuffing and unstuffing, prodding and poking, twiddling and fiddling, the head was acceptable. Thankfully the recipient was pleased with it.

For one of  Dave's Christmas gifts I made him a ten-stitch blanket from a green (not grey, as it looks in the photographs) acrylic and nylon chunky boucle. Using 7mm needles led to a fast growth rate, so much quicker than the more usual DK using 4mm needles. Instead of the mitred corners given in the pattern I experimented with square corners. Not a bad result, but my conclusion is that the mitred corners are much more "classy".

After Dave's blanket I worked on the 'special' scarf, requested and designed by Anthony Errington, fashion designer and actor, who also supplied the yarn. I am not sure what animal fibre it was but it felt like wool, four thin unplied single strands wound on a cone as if a single thread. The requested scarf length was 2 metres (without fringe) and width 30cm, stocking stitch with a 'special' motif (I'll leave you work it out for yourself from the pictures). One side of the scarf is stocking stitch with reverse stocking stitch motifs and therefore the reverse side is reverse stocking stitch with stocking stitch motifs. A row of eyelets was worked at each end to take the fringing and to add interest. The three edge stitches at each side were purled at the beginning and end of knit rows and knitted at the beginning and end of purl rows, with a slip one at the beginning of every row. The finished scarf weighed less than 500g.

Between the last blog entry and 10th January I knitted a jacket style cardigan in Flos, an Icelandic yarn comprising 90% wool and 10% mohair, bought last year. Seeing as the scarf had to be blocked in sections, not all of the cardigan pieces have yet been blocked. Now working on the front bands while the sleeves are being blocked. I use the cold water spray method so need to wait until the pieces are dry before unpinning.  The Flos yarn is soft and easy to knit with though not a consistent thickness. Before this I completed knitting the Duchess coat/cardigan from Purl Alpaca Designs, the pattern and yarn bought some three years ago. All that remains for that is blocking and assembly.

Somewhere in between I knitted a couple of purple 2x2 rib beanies for the Health Walk leaders, to tone with the lighter purple fleeces they have to wear. The pattern was my own but is so easy that many, many knitters must have devised similar before and will no doubt devise similar again. Also a couple of small drawstring gift bags which can be used again after Christmas, this time for 'keeping small treasures safely together'.

At the same time as I bought the Icelandic Flos I also bought some acrylic twist yarn, a deep pink with a yellow binding thread, to make a sweater for a cousin's now two-year old. The sweater is completed but more about that next time.

I am also happy to boast that I was able to attend KnitLit on 4th January and KTog Cambridge on Saturday 7th January and had happy and chatty times. Since then Hartford Knitters, Medway Craft Group and the Stilton knitting group have all restarted. I am never happier than when I have needles in my hand and am with my husband or other knitters.

Sadly I was not able to attend Rampton Spinners this month.

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  1. thats a saucy scarf!! You've certainly been busy too. I prefer the mitred corners on the ten stitch but the square corners make a change. The bulldog came out well but wonder whether it was worth all the agro you had.


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