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Sunday, 22 January 2012

2012 - The Year of the UFOs

2011 was, for me, the Year of Knitting for Good Causes. 2012 will be the Year of Finishing the UFOs - Finishing the UnFinished Objects. I have already made a start with the Purl Alpaca Designs Duchess jacket/cardigan and knitting up two lots of yarn bought last summer - the green jacket/cardigan for myself and the pink jumper for a cousin's young daughter (all mentioned in  previous blog). I am now working on the sweater I promised Dave for his 60th birthday. He was 65 last month. The back and sleeves were made some years ago. Three reasons for the hold-up: 1. Preparing the chart for the motif to go on the front, even though it is a simple one. 2. The thought of the colour knitting. I can do it but I don't like it. 3. The main colour is black.

Finishing UFOs does not only mean completing what has been started, but also making projects with the yarn that was especially bought for them, and bringing to fruition the ideas that have been spinning round my head for decades.

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