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Monday, 28 November 2011

Socks, Bulldog and Beanie

Final sock is now drying on the sock blocker. The picture shows one of each of the last two pairs.

The difference between blocked and unblocked socks is noticeable but hardly worth the trouble for your own use. The sock will mould (block) itself to your leg and foot. But blocking does make socks more presentable for giving as a gift. Top sock not blocked, bottom sock blocked.

Here is the make-it-yourself sock blocker, as described in the previous post. We buy longlife milk in cardboard wrappers of 6 x 1 litre cartons, and the cardboard wrapper is good enough.


Am now working on a Bulldog from the book Best in Show by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. Pieces all knitted and now to assemble. Have made a Beanie for the leader of the weekly health walks because last winter he complained of being cold. Since I bought the yarn some time ago he has been promoted to a different area and when he goes he will spend more time in the office. Ah, well. Also done a few rows of a UFO.

I will have to miss Hartford Knitters tomorrow night because I am going to a community meeting instead. Why does everything have to happen on a Tuesday?  On Wednesday I will be lunching with my knitting friend Pam. Pam is a wonder. Not only does she produce excellent knitting but also patchwork, crochet, cards ..... For the millennium she made a patchwork quilt from 2000 patches, each a different colour, and the quilt toning from corner to corner from one colour to the next. Currently she is working on yet another knitted blanket/throw. All her blankets/throws are works of art. 

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