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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Birthday treats

All seven pairs of the gusset-heel gansey socks (to give them their proper name) are now complete with just one pair still requiring blocking. It isn't really necessary to block socks as they will mould themselves to the feet but when giving as a gift the crisp finish blocking produces is worth the effort. I use thick cardboard, even if two smaller pieces have to be taped together. I flatten the sock and trace round it, then cut out the shape inside the line so that the socks won't be stretched. Then cover the cardboard with clingfilm. This not only prevents the cardboard from getting wet but allows it to slide in and out more easily. Then wet the sock thoroughly and squeeze in a towel to eliminate excess water. Insert cardboard shape into sock, shape properly and leave laid flat on a towel to dry, turning frequently, before removing the cardboard. Other knitters will have their own preferred methods.

On Saturday 19th, with Frances and Sue, I attended a spinning workshop led by Sarah Wroot - a birthday present to myself. I had been spinning after a style which, it seemed, was nobody else's style. With great patience and help Sarah taught me to learn to spin more effectively, but even she had no control of the messages from my brain not reaching my hands and fingers. The preparation Sarah put into this workshop must have taken a great deal of thought and time. On top of that, she is an excellent teacher. Thank you to her for a wonderful day, and thank you to Frances for organising and hosting it.

On Sunday 20th I finished what will be the last of the scarves for this year's charity donations. With Christmas approaching rapidly the transport will soon be leaving loaded with all the love and generosity of UK knitters.

On Monday 21st I attended the monthly meeting of a group of friends and had an early birthday celebration with them. We have been meeting regularly for many years and always enjoy each other's company.

On Tuesday 22nd I had a wonderful birthday. Dave took me shopping for some sequinned yarn. With luck the waistcoat I want to make with it will be completed in time for Christmas. In the evening I went to the weekly Hartford Knitters meeting where the final sock had a good seeing to in the presence of more good people. By bedtime all I had to do was the toe shaping. Yesterday saw the KnitLit meeting where the finished scarves were given to Joy to pass on to be delivered to the Whitechapel Mission. Last sock was finished and now on to another project also for a Christmas gift.

Today saw Dave and me on site at 7am for a live recording about Oxmoor Community Action Group for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. Fortunately neither of us was interviewed live but gave our contributions for the recorded part of the session to be broadcast later.

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  1. looks like you've had a busy week Pauline, well done on finishing the socks. One day I'll get round to making some (-:


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