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Saturday, 15 October 2011

A busy knitting week

This week 1st to 8th October has been a busy one knittingwise. On Saturday 1st October Julie Henry (see Dyed in the Wool) came to nearby St Ives to visit family and found the time to meet me for coffee and to discuss some new knitting she would like for personal use. It was great to see Julie again after far too long though we do keep in touch via Facebook. Seing Julie meant that I missed the Saturday KTog knitting group in Cambridge but it really is difficult to be in two places at once, and who could resist meeting up with an old friend? I had hoped to go to the next Saturday knitting group meeting on the 15th but wasn't able to make it.

On Sunday 2nd I went to the monthly knitting group at Stilton. The number in the group has dwindled as people have moved away or other circumstances have prevented them from coming but the remaining core group attend regularly to show and tell, share tips and knitting problems, and have a thoroughly good time. This time I took a UFO that had been sitting about for about 18 months and made good progress. However, back home knitting was working towards finishing the blanket requested by a cousin and making some samples for another project.

Monday morning I had my hair done and spent most of the remainder of the day working toward finishing the files for my website as well as trying to figure out how Facebook Pages work. Dave and I seem to have got ourselves involved in community work again, meaning more paperwork to read, and more paperwork to generate as we play our part as a small cog in a larger wheel. Monday evening, like any other evening, was spent knitting in front of the television. All this week still on the blanket.

Going out on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday meant that Tuesday daytime was spent doing all the headwork that would otherwise have been spread over the week. Another knitting group on Tuesday evening, the weekly Hartford Knitters though we are now meeting in St Ives. Another natter about knitting and life in general, and a chance to carry on with the samples.

On Wednesday afternoon members and friends of Huntingdon KnitLit and Buckden KnitLit went on a visit to Abravo Alpacas near Huntingdon. Frances showed us her herd of 40 alpacas with the opportunity to walk in the field with them and to feed them with apples while she told us about alpaca and her herd. This was followed by a talk and demonstration in the barn about shearing, sorting, grading and spinning the fleece into yarn. Afterwards there was a cream tea and an opportunity to see and buy yarn, patterns, hand knitted goods and woven goods.

Thursday saw an early start with catching the coach at 7.30am to go to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. And yes, I did take my knitting with me, still working on the samples. I didn't intend to buy yarn, unless I saw something more suitable for Julie's request. Every time I was tempted I thought about the stash at home. However, I did buy what I really went for, some decent circular needles. I had heard good reports about Knit Pro circulars and bought four sets of needles and three cords in different lengths. That night I started to use the circulars for the remaining two borders of the cousin's blanket and am well pleased. No more struggling to get stitches off the cord and on to the left needle. I also bought two cheap Japanese braiding kits; something I have wanted to try. I also wanted to look at the knitting trends: laceweight yarns, fancy/fashion yarns, variegated yarns, and more alpaca than I remember.

On Firday 7th Frances and I went to a Craft Club "Knit 1 Pass it On" workshop/training day in Wallsall.  This is an initiative to get children crafting by running, for example, after school clubs The training was good and we came aay more prepared to work with children and much inspired. Our local youth centre runs school holidays activities, named Fusion, and it is our intention to present knitting sessions during these events.

Saturday 8th was my flu jab and then the remainder of the day working at my PC or knitting. The following week has been quieter though still busy.

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