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Friday, 23 September 2011

At last - something for ME

After finishing charity knitting - scarves and hats for Shoeboxes for two different collection points, scarves and bits for Joy Bags, and blankets for the Retreat Maternity Clinic in South Africa - and previously mentioned socks and waistcoat - albeit it late in the year I made myself a summer jumper. It must be said that some of the gifts had been made last year for sales of work so I was not as virtuous as it may have seemed on first reading.

I used a polyester eyelash yarn with very soft qualities, which knitted up to DK tension on 4mm needles. Four 50g balls for a pound from the Warehouse Clearance Shop was good value, especially when considering the long metreage. The 44 inch/122cm size I made needed less than five balls. The jumper was circular yoked and the picture shows the change in the variegated yarn patterning from working to and fro for the bodice and then in rounds for the yoke. In spite of that I liked the result very much, and the soft feel against my skin when I wear it. Meticulous recording of rows worked were kept as the yarn did not lend itself to easy manual row counting. The 'bars' between the stitches were visible, making seaming easier than may have been thought. I would use this yarn again for its handle and draping qualities.

Front of summer jumper

One of the outstanding ten-stitch blankets has been completed but the other two still await more suitable yarn. Currently I am making a leaf blanket (like the one for Renee's 90th birthday) for a relative of a cousin's wife, and samples for the friend with the alpaca herd. More projects await their commencement. 

Second completed ten-stitch blanket

In spite of all the stash I succumbed to buying some King Cole Galaxy to make myself a waistcoat. 

I have been working on my website. Just to add the illustrations for the last of the preowned books to sell and then to begin telling the world about it. The preowned patterns can be added gradually. If I waited until all were scanned the website would never be properly up and running.

There will also be a Paulineknit Facebook page. 

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