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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dave's socks, and knitting update

The quota of scarves, hats, etc I intended to make for Shoeboxes and Joy Bags has been completed. I could make more but there are other projects that need attention, including fulfilling promises made to other people. The three ten-stitch blankets in progress remain so. Two have been worked on but one of these needs more yarn. The third also needs more yarn but a suitable match has not yet been found. All that stash and nothing suitable! Another bag of yarn sits waiting to be transformed.

A second pair of cream fleck socks for Dave has been made. Not exactly his colour but he says they keep his feet warm without the need for slippers as well. The first pair was the result of a knitting club knitalong where beginners and I worked through a sock pattern together. My socks were in the cream fleck for demonstration purposes, so that the structure of the sock could be clearly seen. The second pair resulted from a second knitalong.

Joy of joys, yesterday I restarted work on Dave's sweater for his 60th birthday. He will be 65 this year. The delay was in preparing the chart for the picture on the front. Well, that's my excuse. However, since putting the sweater away and yesterday, one of the sleeves has gone missing.

Between the scaves etc and the second of the second pair of socks, I made a waistcoat for an aunt's 90th birthday, started a summer top for myself, and have made a shrug for a friend.

Last Saturday, 6th August, I went along to the KTog group in Cambridge, the first time in over 18 months. I was made very welcome and will go again. Before then, on 23rd July, a crafting colleague gave me a lift to Fibre East. Two marquees bulging with fleeces, yarns, knitting equipment, spinning equipment and the like. Also sheep shearing demonstrations. Excellent tea tent. Very well organised. I thought I was in my version of Heaven.

I am also revamping my website and gradually adding items I want to sell, some of them 'leftovers' from my retail days and some of them personal items - tools and accessories, unused patterns, knitting magazines, knitting and craft books, knitting pattern books, retro knitting patterns. Listed items are clearly marked whether business or personal, and whether new or preowned.

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