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Monday, 28 September 2009

Hand Knitting Classes

Well, as expected, the evening classes starting on 22nd September aren't running. People I have spoken to have said that they are not prepared to make a ten-week commitment but are happy to attend for one day. Fair enough: I do understand this. This feedback helps prepare for the future.

The Improve Your Hand Knitting Skills day school on 3rd October is running, with six people so far. It has taken much publicity, including notification to all the UK national hand knitting magazines, leaflets wherever including small bundles sent to known local knitting clubs and Library KnitLit groups, postings on Ravelry and Facebook, telling my friends ... There is a repeat on 14th November if anyone couldn't make 3rd Oct or hears about it from their friends. I am either very overconfident (or deluded) or overoptimistic. This is the first knitting class to run even, or so I have been told, people have been asking for them.

I will be running more hand knitting workshops in the future. These will be on Saturday mornings. More information soon.


  1. Hi Pauline,

    Hope your classes went well, back in October.

    All the best.


  2. The October class went well, thank you, apart from all the paperwork that the Adult & Community Learning people needed to be filled in. That, and the unexpected break for coffee, took away quite a lot of teaching/learning time. I also tried to teach too much in the time, thinking that I was giving the learners value for money. The November class didn't run, nor did the Autumn term evening classes. The Spring term evening classes are due to start next Tuesday, 13th, but as yet I don't know if they are running.

    I belong to a craft group and have been asked to give classes, which I will. No paperwork and they don't have to be booked and advertised moths (up to a year) in advance!!!

    Hope you had a good Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2010.


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