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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Catch up time

Was it really in May when I last wrote an entry in my Blog? Where have the days gone? I know that I spent a disproportionate amount of time filling in the forms in order to deliver evening classes and day schools at Adult and Community Learning, and in addition I seemed to be taking one step forward and two steps back in all aspects of life. So now to move forward, but will start with a retrospect of the last couple of months.

On 9th July I went back to Rampton Spinners after an absence of too many years. A friend used to take me but when she moved to Yorkshire my transport ceased. A long way by public transport (bus), into Cambridge and out again with spinning wheel &c in tow. Dave was working shifts and could not act as chauffeur. Now he is retired I am back into the fold (excuse the pun). It was as though I had never been away. Unfortunately I could not make the following meeting on 11th July but I'm planning to be back in September.

I still attend the knitting group I joined many years ago and enjoy the experience every time. Last Saturday, 18th July, I attended KTog in Cambridge for the first time and was made extremely welcome. The group is very vibrant and I will be going again. As it is in the centre of Cambridge on Saturday afternoons it is conveniently busable. Earlier in the year I joined the local Medway Craft Group and am enjoying that every fortnight. All crafts are covered but mainly patchwork, quilting, embroidery, jewellery and knitting. There are plans for the Craft Group to also run a Saturday Club with speakers &c but these are now on hold. Cambridgeshire County Council gave £55,000 to Huntingdon North Ward to be shared by local groups. Allocation of the money was decided by participatory budgeting but the Craft Group did not gain enough votes for their bid.

I have also been to a couple of workshops. No matter how experienced anyone is they never know everything, and even if they did it's good practice to see someone else's approach. On 30th May I attended Advanced Knitting (Freeform knitting) delivered by Liz Marley at White House Arts in Cambridge. Although I had done freeform knitting some years before and was looking towards a refresher session, Liz's approach was different and unexpected. I'll say no more so as not to divulge her methods. On 6th June I attended an Egyptian Knitting workshop at the Petrie Museum in London. This is also known as Coptic Knitting and is worked with a sewing needle or similar tool. There was also the preparation for a day school I was supposed to deliver for Adult and Community Learning but it didn't run.

I've also been doing research into yarn thicknesses and other knitting things, and making things and pattern writing for books and publications in the pipeline. I am still working but not to the extent that I was before I "retired". Offers of work are still coming in but I decline all that are not within my remit of "doing my own thing" - consultancy (which doesn't include pattern writing or pattern checking for anyone else other than my current client), designing, writing (books, editorial &c), and teaching. I also seem to find myself doing favours for friends and family, some of which involves much research time. However, my philosophy is what goes around comes around so that my favour will eventually come back to me when I need it most.

Also out with friends, letter writing, e-mailing and the like, plus losing hours looking at internet knitting groups. And Dave likes my company sometimes!

Almost forgot! I also knit.


  1. hi pauline, lovely to catch up with your news. love the idea of the egyptian knitting class, how interesting! x

  2. Hi Pauline,

    How are class numbers coming along for the Saturday workshops, I'm booked on Oct 3rd and hoping that it will run!


  3. Hello Sue

    I don't know yet but thank you for booking. A few other people have said that they will book - but saying and doing are not the same things. I have tried to pubicise the Day Schools and the Evening Classes as much as possible but there's no knowing what will happen. Will keep you informed.

    Trust you are well.


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