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Monday, 6 April 2009

Teaching - and Knitting Clubs

Retirement for me is stopping working for others and doing the all the hand knitting things I wanted to do but never had the time: consultancy, design, writing books, and teaching. I also want to knit for myself. I have the yarn (so much of it!), the designs and, now, the time. I’m fed up wearing shop bought garments when I can easily make my own. The crunch came last week when I was wearing a jumper I had made some years ago and discovered with horror that the wrist had worn and was unravelling.

Twice before hand knitting classes at the Adult and Community Learning Centre at St Ivo School, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, have had to be cancelled because of lack of response. However, people appear to be asking for them so we are trying again. Details of Day Schools and Evening Classes are in the right hand column of this Blog. Having the long run-up time, I have circulated details to knitting magazines (with some success for inclusion), and will post on internet knitting groups and put up posters locally a bit nearer to the time.

In the meantime I have been asked to start a local knitting club. However, someone has beaten me to it by starting a craft club at the beginning of March. I have spoken to the lady concerned and there may be scope for us to work together. I shall join the club anyway.

I have belonged to a knitting club near Peterborough for a number of years, all of us now being a group of friends who meet once a month for a knit and a natter. I enjoy this very much and always come away uplifted and inspired. There’s also a thriving knitting group in Cambridge but they meet mainly in the evenings and I don’t drive. OK, so there’s a bus service but I don’t fancy wandering about on my own at night time, especially in the winter, and I don’t expect Dave to drive me in the evenings when he should be relaxing.

Dear Dave has promised to drive me to and from Rampton so that I can join the Rampton Spinners again. This I am looking forward to. All I’ve got to do now is to find all my gear.


  1. Hi Pauline,

    I'm Beck from Yours Magazine mum - Sue. Can you tell me where this new craft club is please, as I've been wanting to join a knitting club but the one in Cambridge seems to spend alot of its time in Ely, and whilst I don't mind driving I'd like something a bit closer to home

  2. The new craft club is in Huntingdon, at the Medway Centre, Oxmoor. Meets alternate Thursdays 2pm to 4.30pm. £2 per meeting to cover room costs. Mainly patchwork but I knit and hope to pass on tips etc if other knitters come and they don't mind the interference. Next meeting is 30th April.

    K2tog is meeting in Cambridge tomorrow, Sat 18th April, at the Granta Bar, University Centre, Granta Place, off Mill Lane, 2pm to 4pm.

    Are you on Ravelry? K2tog has a Group there giving details of meetings.

    Thank you for following my Blog. I am following yours also.

  3. Thanks Pauline,

    Unfortunately I work in Histon until 2:30 so the club in Huntingdon won't be any good for me, never mind. I've checked out the K2tog blog and found the dates, can't make tomorrow as have other plans. Maybe I'll post something in our village magazine and see if I can get anyone interested in a knitting club in the Swavesey/Bar Hill area. Signed up for Ravelry today.

    Thanks for following my blog too, I'm new to this as you can see, and have only just started knitting stuff to sell after my daughters' friends said I should, now have several requests underway. Will sign up for your October workshop as we are away for the 1st one


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