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Friday, 17 April 2009

New Craft Club

After missing the first few meetings, firstly because I didn't know about the new Club and secondly because I was away meeting school friends I hadn't seen for 45 years when the last meeting was held, I attended the new Craft Club. The ladies were all very nice and all very talented, but, especially, all very friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Apart from myself, the ladies were working on patchwork, quilting and embroidery. The work was breathtaking. I was working on the underbelly of a tiger, only in a very cheap aqua yarn. I am devising the pattern for a stuffed toy (for a proposed book) and never use anything decent for prototyping. I got a few funny looks, as if I had 'lost it', but I cannot see the point of using expensive yarns or even yarns in the correct colours when playing with shapings and maybe having to unravel quite often. Stash yarn or cheap acrylic will do.

The organiser of the Club is a patchwork and quilting tutor, and there is scope for me to use my experience and tutoring skills in the hand knitting field as and when. I've always wanted to make patchwork from hand knitted shapes, so maybe now will be my chance to do it with expert patchworkers to guide me along the traditional patchwork trail. I've already bought books about patchwork, so have made a start!

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