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Thursday, 26 March 2009


There seems to be a shortage of knitting pattern checkers. The magazine I stopped working freelance for when I retired couldn't find an experienced replacement and asked me to deliver training to suitable candidates. The sessions went extremely well but I am not sure whether the newbie checkers are aware of the amount of time that could be involved. However, they learned easily, and I picked up tips and information from them that I didn't know before. Training and teaching is always a two-way process and, however experienced and knowledgeable, nobody ever knows everything. One of the good things that did come from this training was that a new freelance pattern checker/grader/writer has come forward for me to pass on enquiries and work that come my way and I won’t be taking on.

There is a kind of ‘tick list’ for knitting pattern checking – check everything. A good way to show someone how to do it is to ‘walk’ them through an example, preferably one with an error or two in it. Are the cm to inches conversions correct? Does it fit? Are the needle sizes in the pattern the same as the needle sizes in the Materials section? Does the armhole shaping start on the correct side of the front? Will the sleeve seam increases fit into the sleeve seam length?

Knitting pattern grading and knitting pattern writing are different. Bust/chest size goes up in 5cm intervals so just add 5cm for each additional size. Mmm. Not always correct. Stitch patterns don’t always conveniently work in suitable intervals widthways or lengthways. Armhole depths change with larger body sizes. How much yarn does each size take? There’s no magic formula for this, each pattern having to be taken on its merits.

And a good head for figures and geometric shapes is essential.

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